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Fees & Procedures

No Filing fee + $600 an hour

Submit Your Case

Click the below button to submit your case.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Sign Agreements

Once you have decided to move forward, you will be emailed a mediation and confidentiality agreement. Please sign and return. Your receipt of an executed agreement will also come with a selection of dates for you to choose to schedule mediation, an invoice and payment link and information regarding pre-mediation material.

Pay Fees

You will receive an invoice with your executed agreements. Payment should be collected prior to mediation. Additional time will be billed if necessary.

Pre-Mediation Phone 

All fee structures are built in with 1 hour of prep time which is normally divided between pre-mediation calls and review of briefs. We will coordinate on this step.


All mediations unless otherwise arranged will take place via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link via email. We may decide to block off one chunk of time (5 or 8 hours) or we may schedule it in sessions, one by one (1-2 hours per session). Please note there is a booking minimum of 4 hours (1 hour of prep and 3 hours of mediation, which can be divided however).

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