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As a woman of color, with a plethora of experiences living in LA, I am well equipped to handle the diverse disputes faced in our local communities

Founder and visionary of Intentional Resolution, Devin intuitively sees where there is room for expansion and has no issue to push the envelope on how this could look for clients. She has worked in the legal field for the last 15 years and has experience in working with over 8 varied CRM systems. During her attendance at Pepperdine School of Law, she became entrenched in the Dispute Resolution program which is focussed on how to resolve conflict at any level under any circumstance. The idea that dispute resolution needed a space in all capacities and industries was a huge indicator for Devin that she wanted to make an impact in this field. The idea that problems could be solved before they even occurred is what inspired Devin then and now.

After completing her program at Straus Center for Dispute Resolution while attending Pepperdine School of Law, she began working for one of the top mediators in California who trained her very extensively on how to mediate some of the largest cases in the state. Understanding the mediation practice from beginning to end, became essential is ultimately settling a case. From working on several class action cases as well as individual single plaintiff cases, she has been apart of over 200 mediations ranging from employment, entertainment, discrimination, family and business. 

She is passionate about helping people reach their desires in all aspects. Having the belief that all things can be resolved, clients come to her with clear intentions. If you are unclear on what you are looking for, she will help you. Most disputes are not as simple as they seem while at the same time, they are not as complicated as it may seem. She will work with clients to make sure no stone is left unturned in terms of possibility.


Devin C. Tucker

"Our Process is Our Blessing"






Sexual Harassment

Wrongful Termination & Retaliation

Workplace Disputes



Contract Resolve

Distribution & Placement

Management Issues

Royalties & Percentages

Buyback Rights

Business & Small Claims


Breach of Contract​

Personal Injury



Property Damage


Separation of Affairs


Unfufilled Demands

Family & Children


Collaborative Divorce​


Parenting Plans

Custody Agreements

Private & Comprehensive Plan for Success 

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