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Mediation and Private Resolution

Welcome Home. You have come to the right place. We work with individuals who intentionally wish to change their situation or circumstance. Whether you are involved in a pre-litigation dispute or a pending matter, we are here to speed up the process and help provide a more efficient resolution. 

Mediation is the practice of resolving a dispute confidentially without the need of a trial or jury. 

We specialize in workplace disputes, labor, discrimination, sexual harassment, FEHA claims, wage and hour, contractural, severance, wrongful termination, retaliation, disability and class action suits.

How to Get Started

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Inquiry Form

Please submit the below form so that we can briefly get to know you and understand how we can provide assistance.


Review of Services

While awaiting for me to set a free phone consultation with you, please review the steps and procedures of our center so you may ask any questions during the consultation.


Scheduling Mediation

We will decide together the best set up for mediation, amount of sessions needed, time/date and exchange a mediation and confidentially agreement.

Contact Us


For more information or a free consultation please reach out.

Email us at

or book a session below.

"Those who intentionally decide to accomplish a task, are 100% more likely to be successful in execution and completion" - Devin Tucker

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